What is Essential Guiding about?

Professionals in all walks of life draw on the skills, knowledge and insight of others to keep them sharp and in guiding it is no different.

Essential Guiding is determined to help guides of all descriptions, including you, to achieve their potential. Through this, you the individual, the business, the park, region and the country will benefit as guests leave fulfilled and inspired…and we all know what that ultimately translates into.

All subscribers can also ASK US real time questions. While you still have your guests, you can e-mail us anything you want to know about from aardvark to zebra and from sleeping sickness to wine estates. Hopefully we can answer and you'll be able to incorporate this into their experience. 

"Hi EssentialGuiding. My guests are from Argentina – what wine should I suggest for them to try at dinner tonight?" or "My guest said he had seen an impala with a prolapsed rectum – what is he talking about?" – ANYTHING GOES!

We encourage you to subscribe to the site and get updates and postings that will be of value to you and the guides in your teams. We also have active links to other organisations and websites that are doing great things and can be of use to you. Sign up, engage and stay up to date! 

We have not started a social media feed to begin with, but we would like to hear from you the user if this would be better for you?