Eg Chameleon

The Juggler & Chameleon

I have 2 busy young children and so was a little apprehensive as to what to expect when we went away as a family to Grootbos, 2 hours east of Cape Town.

The guide is the juggler and the chameleon – handling different requests and producing different experiences for different people. Our guide Christoff did a great job in both respects, reminding me of how the guide plays such a critical role in being the go-between to entertain the kids, provide quality family time and allow the adults to have a bit space when they need it. They kids rode ponies, collected chicken eggs and played with bunnies but also got to walk into the famous caves at De Kelders where evidence of human settlement from many thousands of years ago is evident. They also walked in a milkwood forest, tracked a Bushbuck and identified dung. We had some R&R and enjoyed the superb lodge food. Christoff also made an effort to take me birding for a few hours – despite the wind we had a productive few hours.

It had been some time since I was on the receiving end of guiding service which achieved a good balance for all to enjoy, especially knowing that it requires thought and hard work to make it happen.

Alastair – March 2013