Take care of the kids!

I will keep this one short as I think you all understand, but I was blessed to experience 2 guides at work at Kirkmans Kamp recently. I was there with my family and there was not a moment that Lennox and Richard were not making sure that my two kids were entertained and interested. I was able to relax and enjoy the safari because they were so attentive. For parents who spend alot of time and money to bring their family on safari, this is so important. The message is simple – work hard up front to figure the kids out. If you can keep them not only happy, but super-happy, the whole safari will be a success.

These guys made sure that the lodge kitchen always packed something extra for them. They played word games, stopped for small interesting things like dung beetles (yes, kids ON the ground for 10 minutes watching them) and made sure they used the Sand River to their advantage. Sand rhinos were built in the river (in a safe open spot!) and my kids still talk about this!