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We have been involved in training and mentoring some of the industry’s finest guides since 2001 and through Essential Guiding we can help you make the most of your guiding or guiding team.

Guides are like sports people – only as good as their last game! Top sportspeople are continually training, staying with the trends and working hard to get ahead to be the best – Federer, Djokovic, Messi & Tiger Woods all have coaches to assist them in staying sharp and staying ahead. It is no different for guides: if the intention is to remain local, then the aim should be to be the best local guide in the area. If someone is guiding locally, but has no idea where to next, then delivering the best possible guided experiences will start opening doors to new jobs, new lodges, new parks or even countries.

It all starts with understanding how to aim high and what is required to do this – we can help point people in the right direction, add skills and facilitate their growth.

We offer tailor-made courses that can focus on any of the following:

  • Guides & trackers – getting the most out of the relationship (group and separate input for both teams)
  • Guiding techniques to improve the guest experience (game drives, boats and walking)
  • Inspiring guides to make a difference
  • Guides Hospitality
  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Formal practical experience and assessments for guides wanting to progress on Guiding Levels (FGASA etc.)
  • We also arrange for other subject matter specialists to be involved in training where needed.
  • Facilitating the development of the guiding team’s VISION & ETHOS working with senior guides
  • Head Guide courses

All our training is underpinned by the following critical areas:

  • Essential Communication
  • Essential Engagement (with guests)
  • Essential Enthusiasm
  • Essential Moments (recognising & creating)
  • Essential Etiquette
  • Essential Learning
  • Essential Gear (equipping professionals)

5 Great Reasons to use us…

  • We are experienced and passionate trainers and as active guides are still at the crucial guest interface
  • We have trained successfully in Southern & East Africa (& South America) for more than 17 years.
  • We think differently, helping to give you an edge in your business
  • We assist guides in understanding their unique environment and how to translate that into the best guest experience possible – be it Savanna, Forest, Marine, Desert, Fynbos, Mountains or even Wines & Agricultural!
  • We work equally well with 1st, 2nd or 3rd language English-speakers and can even work through interpreters if necessary

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