Essential Material

Eg Chameleon

You know that the world is always changing – new inventions, new discoveries, new research. The trick is to understand and interact with these changes and see how it can improve your guided offering.

On a recent tour of Madagascar I was reminded that sometimes the most basic instruments like the lowly hand-lens or magnifying glass can be the difference between a normal or outstanding safari. In a safari world dominated by Big 5, big-and-hairies, tallest this and heaviest that (they are so compelling!), it is amazing what opportunities we pass up to see the real world, the world from the bottom up.

In the forests of Madagascar the endemic birds are superb and the lemurs really fantastic, BUT with a magnifying glass there is so much more. Flowers, bizarre insects like the Giraffe-necked Weevil, jumping spiders, Golden Orb spiders, minute and massive chameleons and colourful leaves were just some of the opportunities to rope my guests in (well not all as we know there is a long list of phobias that you hear about all the time!).  Let them escape and appreciate another world. You will also start to get a better feel for what you photographer guests are looking for in MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY – up close and colourful!

Many guides do use their binoculars backwards as a means to getting detail, but this is not ideal for sharing with your guests as many will struggle to get the technique right and you don’t really want too many grubby hands on your personal binos!

If you don’t already have a hand-lens, head down to the shops or go on-line and consider the following options – add a fresh string to your safari bow!

Geology/Jewelry Loupe (price range R40 - R160)"Sherlock Holmes" style magnifying glass (Price range R50 - R200)